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Stress Free Moving

Our Moving Services

Anyone that’s ever moved before know that the stress of moving can become overwhelming. Whether you are moving because of landing a new job position, upgrading to your dream neighborhood or launching a new location for your business, don’t let the stress of moving tarnish this wonderful experience! AZ Efficient Moving has put together a top-notch expert moving team dedicated to going above and beyond for our customers in order to make the moving process as painless and as quickly as possible.

Residential & Commercial

AZ Efficient Moving is proud to offer both residential and commercial moving services. We understand that moving can be overwhelming, especially when it involves Arizona summers!! We can help with any move. If you would like to find out about your specific area or a unique move, just give us a call and we'd be happy to tailor our services to try and fit your needs!

Packing & Unpacking

One part of moving that a lot of people dread most is the endless packing and unpacking. Moving is a long process on it's own. No one wants to spend hours unpacking after all that work. Additionally, wondering if you packed all your belongings safely enough that they are still intact when you get them to your new home can be troubling. Let us do the worrying for you!

Pick-Ups & Deliveries

Did you know we offer Pick-Ups & Deliveries? Whether it's for one item or multiple items you don't have to be moving homes to take advantage of reducing the stress of transporting a valuable, heavy or oddly shaped item. We offer pick-up and deliveries for a wide range of items including pianos, statues and almost anything you may need help with.

Senior Moving

We provide relocation moving services to our senior community. Our professionals offer extra care, the utmost respect and provide a listening ear to understand and accommodate any additional needs. We can pack, deliver and unpack all precious belongings safely. Rest assured that you, or your loved ones, can just sit back, relax and know that our expert movers are there to help get the job done correctly.


If you have a timing issue between your move out date and your move in date this can cause a predicament when you realize all these boxes and furniture without anywhere to take them to. Don't worry, we've got you covered. We have storage options for short or long-term storage to safely store your items until you are ready for your big move.


Whether you are in the business of selling homes or just need an extra boost to sell your own home we can help! We offer stunning layouts for any property from model homes and condos to apartments and offices. If you are looking to get an extra edge on selling a property.

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